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What kind of beer equipment 

do you need?

Our products include beer equipment, brewhouse(mashing equipment), fermentation equipment, canning lines(Cans filling equipment ), keg washing and filling, distillery equipment, and wine tanks.

Professional Beer Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier

Professional and biggest beer equipment manufacturer — XHY

Ningbo Xingheyu(XHY) Machinery CO.,LTD is a professional and biggest beer equipment manufacturer.
Located in Ningbo, China, As brewers know that the best quality beer brewing equipment come from here.

What kind of service can we provide?

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    Turnkey beer equipment

    In order to better satisfy our customers,we provide a complete set of turnkey services from the design to installation of the equipment according to the customer's architectural design or bar design, to help customers achieve continuous and stable operation.
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    Video inspection of the factory

    During the production, customers can check the production status and quality inspection of goods by video at any time to meet customers' desire.
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    On-site service

    Our workers and engineers can reach the customer's workshop to provide installation and commissioning services.
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    After-sales support

    We provide 24-hour after-sales service, and product-related problems will be answered within one day.

Why choose us?

Trusted brand:Chinese biggest beer equipment manufacturer.

10 years experience:corporating with world famous and brand partner.

A group of highly trained production workers.

Advanced processing equipment to ensure the high quality of beer equipment.

We have the capabilities to meet any specification and the experience to do it right.

Our products with luxurious appearance, excellent performance and variety in specifications are designed to make the best beer possible.

Our incredible after-sale service system will solve your problems and leave you nothing to worry about.

Whatever your tank needs are, we will have a solution that fits you.

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