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500L Home Dimple Jacket Fermenting Equipment

World brand agent corporation and QC, finished details perfect.
Beer fermentatioin tank made by brand material, with specialized workers, Warranty time long than 10 years, video on line, you can check my factory and work any time.
With all accessories when delivery, design paper and photos can be check in details,  do my best to make sure you get perfect products.
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500L Home Dimple Jacket Fermenting Equipment

How to make sure the best quality:

(1). Some world-brand distributors corporation. Quality can be checked.

(2). Specialized welding and polish workers.

(3). Brand SUS304 and accessories. The inner jacket and seal head of the tanks are 3.0mm.

The external jacket is 2.0mm. It ensure the good pressure resistance and good abrasion resistance.

(4). Polishing accuracy up to Ra0.4μ m .

(5). Strict tank pressure test-0.6Mpa/6Bar, beer equipment, my factory test for the highest pressure in China.

Fermentation tanks and Brite beer tanks


Design the tanks according customers’requirment.


1.Brand material. Quality valves and all accessories.

2.TIG welded and sanitary polished with quality controller.

3.Interior finish pickled and passivated.

4.Design pressure atmospheric.

5.Interior shell: SUS304, thickness 3MM.

6.Exterior shell: SUS304, thickness 2MM.

7.Brewhouse complete with all accessories,turnkey project.

8.80MM polyurethane insulation.

9.4 stainless steel legs with leveling footpads in SUS304.

10.60degree cone bottom, with 25% headspace.

Design paper for checking. The details need to be confirmed before order.

Malt Milling System
Mill machine
Stainless steel/Carbon steel
Grist case
Stainless steel
Flexible conveyor
Outer PPR or Stainless steel
Beer  Brewhouse
Two Vessel Brewhouse
Mash/Lauter , Boiling/Whirlpool Tun or Customized
Three Vessel Brewhouse
Mash, Lauter, Boiling/Whirlpool Tun or Customized
Four Vessel Brewhouse
Mash,Lauter, Boiling,Whirlpool Tun or Customized
Steam Heating Method
It need extra steam boiler.
Direct Fire Heating
Fire room install under the bottom of kettletank
Electric Heating
Mostly for small brewhouse.
100%TIG welding.

Outter, Polish to 0.2~0.4μm. Inner, do acid wahsing and passivation.
Interior Shell:3mm, Exterior Shell 2mm
Basic Configuraton
All accessory use good quality brand products.The Raker is most important, design for most famours brand all over world.
SUS304, SUS316, Red Copper etc

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Beer Brewhouse

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