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Classification and structure of fermentation tanks

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Classification and structure of fermentation tanks

The craft beer fermenter is mainly to provide a suitable environment for the maltose to be converted into alcohol after the cooling wort is inoculated with yeast. The beer fermentation tank is configured with a cooling jacket for temperature control, with a hop dry pitching port, CIP tank washer, sampling valve, spout and drain, water-sealed mechanical pressure regulating valve, titanium rod filling port, and also beer fermentation for low temperature control, so the fermentation tank comes with insulation, generally configured with polyurethane foam insulation.


  • Types of fermentation tanks for craft beer equipment

  • An excellent fermentation tank device and composition

Types of fermentation tanks for craft beer equipment

The most common type of fermentation equipment used in the fermentation industry is the ventilated stirred tank. In addition to ventilated stirred fermenters, other types of fermenters such as: air-lift fermenters, pressure circulation fermenters, fermenters with ultra-filtration membranes, etc.

Typical fermentation equipment: seed preparation equipment, main fermentation equipment, auxiliary equipment (sterile air and medium preparation), fermentation broth pretreatment equipment, crude product extraction equipment, product refining and drying equipment, effluent recovery, utilization and treatment equipment.

An excellent fermentation tank device and composition

1. should have a tight structure

(1)Structure; upper disc seal, cylinder in the middle, lower cone seal, lower cone angle generally designed to 60 °.

(2)The upper butterfly head, the middle cylinder generally according to the size of the tank, the thickness of 2-3mm thickness; using high-quality stainless steel plate.

2. good liquid mixing characteristics

Ice and water cooling jacket: generally configured with miller plate cooling jacket, cylinder and lower cone design miller plate jacket.

3.Good mass transfer phase heat transfer rate

Insulation: polyurethane foam insulation; insulation layer thickness generally configured 60-80mm;

4. With supporting and reliable detection, control instruments

Pipe fittings valve: general configuration of positive and negative pressure breathing valve, configuration of the upper manhole or side manhole, PT100 temperature sensor, water-sealed mechanical pressure adjustment valve, cip cleaning, sampling valve, clearing port and outlet, some separately configured exhaust L elbow; with legs, with legs and adjusting bolts, can adjust the height.


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