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Craft beer seeks to break the circle

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Craft beer seeks to break the circle

According to data from Zhejiang Securities, the penetration rate of craft beer in China is only 2.2% in 2020. Many industry insiders believe that the domestic craft beer market is still in the early stage of development, which is small, scattered and chaotic.

Since the price of craft beer is significantly higher than that of ordinary beer, many businesses have been tempted to fish in troubled waters and even mix the concept of craft brew into the name of ordinary beer, resulting in a dazzling variety of craft beer products. At the same time, many small craft beer brands lack the ability to research and develop themselves, and generally use the factory OEM mode of production, product homogenization has become prominent.

Is the mixed state of the industry hindering the development of the industry? "The existence of pseudo-refined products, which look harmful, actually proves precisely the vitality of the craft brew market." In Li Wei's opinion, the mobile Internet era is very fluid information, some consumers may be through the pseudo-refined products "entry", but it is easy to find excellent brands and products, for the craft beer industry, the urgent task is to quickly develop and grow, even if the wild growth is a good thing, is the performance of vitality.

Lu Wei Lun also believes that consumer awareness needs to be further strengthened, the current market chaos of products, but will make the value of the old brands in the industry more prominent, consumers will also learn to discriminate in multiple attempts.

Obviously, craft beer seeks to move from the niche to the masses, making the current market more inclusive, but also means that this "broken circle" road is not easy to walk.

In the opinion of beer marketing expert Fang Gang, the real test lies in the creation of consumer channels. Craft beer consumption is more focused on the experience and social, offline bars and restaurants are still the main consumption scene of craft beer. However, in the past competition, traditional breweries have often formed a stable partnership with mainstream channels, so it is obviously not easy for small and medium-sized brands to "take over".

As a result, most small and medium-sized craft brew brands are now generally using the self-built bistro model, focusing on craft beer + meal pairing, which can better create a drinking environment and spread brand culture. However, the disadvantage of this model is that the investment costs and operating pressure climb, the operation of the bistro is an all-round test of the practitioners, not just brewing good wine so simple. In addition, the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the past two years also let the offline channel damage is obvious, many small and medium-sized brands are therefore eliminated from the game.


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