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High-precision beer equipment has been required more and more.

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High-precision beer equipment has been required more and more.

May is again the season to cool off the summer with a hearty beer, not to mention the World Cup this year. The multi-point epidemic emanating from multiple locations brings prevention and control still wrapped around the feet, but it doesn't stop consumers from having a drink at home or on a trip around the area when they gather with friends and family.

Beer lovers may be able to taste the most new products in the year, and the era of unprecedented prosperity in the beer industry has arrived.

On the product side, beer has ushered in a consumer orientation. High-alcohol beers, low-alcohol beers, zero-alcohol beers, fruity beers, wheat-brewed beers, crossover beer and soft drink categories, craft brews, limited edition, customized, small bottles, and extra-large bottles are everywhere in the market. Gone are the days of homogenized products.

In terms of efficiency, Chinese beer is making money at the fastest rate. Gross margins are climbing, mainly because beer is getting more and more expensive to sell! 8 yuan a bottle is set as the second-highest end by some companies, and in fact most of the new products on the market in the past two years have gone beyond this threshold.

As a result of the continuing epidemic and the international environment, the beer industry has encountered an unprecedented price hike in raw materials since last year. When high-priced products meet high costs, beer companies this year's approach is to continue to position and price products "all the way to high".

High-end is not just the price of selling high, beer can become a distinctive product from the mainstream product expression, is the core of matching consumer demand. Therefore, in addition to the selection of raw materials, high-end beer equipment, high-precision beer equipment, will also be a decisive factor.


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