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Selection method of beer brewing equipment

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Selection method of beer brewing equipment

1. Pay attention to the material of beer equipment

The main part of the whole set of beer equipment, such as the saccharification system, fermentation system, ice water tank and other double insulation tank parts, valve body fittings, etc., are made of sanitary stainless steel. This ensures the pure taste and sanitary index of beer, and also greatly extends the effective service life of the equipment.

2. Focus on the inner layer structure of beer equipment

① inner liner layer: barrel stainless steel 304 original plate argon arc welding inside and outside wall fine polishing

② outer cladding layer: barrel stainless steel 304 original plate / mirror plate / purple copper plate argon arc welding inside and outside the wall fine polishing

③Heating method: the saccharification system needs to be equipped with a heating device to ensure the segmented heating of the malt saccharification process, which can be equipped with electric heating, gas boiler, oil boiler and other methods.

④Insulation: The chiller runs efficiently and continuously ensures that the glycol ice water circulates back and forth between the water belt of the fermentation tank and the plate heat exchanger of the saccharification system. Through the circulating heat exchange process of ice water, tap water and hot wort, the different cooling interval requirements of beer brewing are realized with high efficiency and energy saving.

⑤ Insulation layer: the two layers of tanks are filled with high-density on-site foam polyurethane insulation material of 80-120mm thickness.

The main body of the beer equipment is composed of tanks for different purposes. Each tank is equipped with professional regulation and measurement accessories to achieve fast and effective control and measurement of the specific brewing process

The tilling knife rotates and stirs the malt lees layer to promote full saccharification. Equipped with different motor sizes (domestic/ABB) to provide strong power and optional transmission to achieve different stirring speeds

The tank of steam jacketed saccharification system will be welded with steam jacket, which is convenient to use the hot steam from the boiler to heat up and control the saccharification & boiling process.


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