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Stainless steel four-vessel steam heating brewery equipment

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Stainless steel four-vessel steam heating brewery equipment

The restaurant draft beer system produced by our company is a set of process equipment for producing "live" filtered beer.Master brewers use unique brewing techniques and unique beer tastes to make their beers attractive to consumers.If needed, they can be placed directly in places where beer is consumed: restaurants, bars, bars, hotels, tourism and shopping centers.The interpreter surface can be polished brass and copper plated in addition to stainless steel.In addition, the microbrewery is located behind glass partitions, allowing visitors to observe the brewing process.This is an excellent interior design solution and a powerful marketing tool.

Most installations in restaurants, bars and hotels use microbreweries with capacities ranging from 200 L to 1,000 L.The restaurant network uses a higher capacity of equipment.The rooftop microbrewery is being installed at the turnkey of the client's company.It is not profitable to release less than 200 litres of beer per day.

Here is the content list:

l The fermentation process

l How long does fermentation take?

The fermentation process

The kit is ready, add yeast as directed, close the lid and make sure the airlock is tight.We tend to use some no-rinse disinfectant, or fresh boiling water, into the airlock.You just need to make sure there's no direct air contact in the bucket.If you fill it too much, the gas that escapes during fermentation will push it out.

Place the fermentation tank in a place where the temperature is between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius, out of direct sunlight.Fermentation produces heat, so the barrel warms up slightly as the fermentation process progresses.This is normal, but if the fermentation is so strong that it hits the lid or even forces it open, wrapping the barrel in a wet towel will help calm it down.Making wine in hot weather is difficult because the high ambient temperatures give the yeast too much help, fermenting too fast, too violently, and may give off unpleasant flavors.

How long does fermentation take?

Fermentation usually takes a day or two to show up, and can be observed mainly through the dense foam heads that appear at the top of the liquid, where air locks keep bubbling as excess CARBON dioxide is squeezed out.The speed of the bubbles will fade with the bubbles, and after about a week, the bubbles will stop.This indicates that the fermentation is complete and you are ready to bottle.If you have a hydrometer, you can measure the fermentation process with more certainty and accurately measure the final alcohol content, but this is not necessary for kit brewing.

Remember, if you need to move the barrel after fermentation has begun, you need to do it slowly and carefully.There are many reasons for this.First, it's a big, heavy bucket, so try not to hurt yourself or spill it all over the place.Second, sediments that settle naturally on the seafloor are best left there.Stirring can cause "bad smell".Third, you don't want the beer spilling over the lid, because that increases the risk of infection.Likewise, resist the urge to poke the lid, as squeezing too much liquid out of the airlock will make it ineffective, and likewise, you don't want to accidentally suck the liquid into the fermenting beer.


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