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The future of craft beer is uncertain

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The future of craft beer is uncertain

Craft beer is all about tone, but it is ultimately a business, and "breaking the circle" has become more urgent.

Adding pepper, Longjing tea to beer ...... In interviews, the Beijing Evening News "Food and Beverage Weekly" found that in terms of product innovation, domestic craft beer brands are making their products more localized by adding elements of regional characteristics to attract more consumers.

In terms of marketing, "cross-border" is becoming a core keyword. Not long ago German artist Tobias Reberger's solo exhibition "I am me - unless I pretend to be her" was launched at Evergreen Gallery in Beijing, where the artist built a real kitchen and bar in the exhibition hall, and the Great Leap beer became part of the work. Recently, Li Wei is busy preparing for this year's Beiping Machine Pancake Festival. The great collection of different flavors of specialty pancakes and craft beer will bring a different and surprising experience to everyone ...... In the view of practitioners, craft beer needs to appear outside the bar scene, with the marketplace, music, outdoor, art and other cross-border collections, driving the craft beer to a broader market.

However, despite the fact that the domestic craft beer market is a struggling one, no "leader" has yet emerged.

In Li Wei's opinion, the craft beer itself advocates individuality, niche and diversity, and conveys the unique tone of different brands. The future development of the industry as a whole will continue to grow, but the practitioner brands will develop in a more segmented and localized direction, and the market will show a hundred flowers, so it is difficult for a dominant pattern to emerge.

However, Lu Wei Lun believes that China's craft beer industry will definitely run out of "leaders", but it will take a long time, perhaps nearly 10 years, and will require stable production capacity, national sales channels, and strong brand power to support. For example, Samuel Adams, an American beer producer founded in 1984, has now received a high valuation. Lu Wei Lun admits that capital can bring many resources to a brand, including effective assistance in building stores and brands, so Great Leap Brewery is interested in further financing. However, capital is often in conflict with the brand's tone, so there is a need to choose the capitalist.

Whether the "leader" will appear or not, it is the common wish of all players to move from the niche to the masses and make the brand bigger and stronger. The competition will continue, entry or exit, mergers or insist on independence, all kinds of drama will still be staged, where will the next stop for craft beer? Consumers will give the answer in the form of a bill.


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