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What exactly is craft beer?

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What exactly is craft beer?

As an imported word, "craft beer" in English, there is not a clear definition in China.

In 2019, the China Alcoholic Beverage Association issued the "Workshop Beer and its Production Specifications", which translates workshop beer as craft beer, the same as craft beer, and defines workshop beer as a beer produced by a small beer production line, and in the brewing process, no substances unrelated to adjusting the flavor of beer are added, and the flavor characteristics are outstanding.

Compared to industrial beer, what is "fine" about craft beer?

"The difference between craft beer and industrial beer is like the difference between hand-rolled noodles and instant noodles." Li Wei, founder of the craft beer brand Beiping Machine, told Beijing Evening News' Food & Beverage Weekly. In his opinion, craft beer is like "hand-rolled noodles" that meet people's pursuit of classic and personalized, which is essentially a consumer upgrade, but when hand-rolled noodles are mass-produced on a large scale with the help of machines, the line between them and instant noodles will become blurred.

"Can pepper and honey be put into beer? Yes. How about chrysanthemum? Good idea, too. Making beer taste like champagne sounds cool." In the opinion of Great Leap Beer CEO Lu Willan, craft beer and industrial beer are similar in brewing principles and brewing processes, but the differences lie in product innovation, raw material selection, small batch production and unique cultural tones.

In random interviews, many consumers said that most factory beer products taste "bland", compared to craft beer, which has a more varied taste and mellowness.

There is no standard answer, but it does not affect the popularity of craft beer.

In recent years, craft beer has gained more and more favor among young consumers because of its individual and diversified product characteristics. According to a research report by Societe Generale Securities, the main population of domestic craft beer consumption is gradually transitioning to the post-90s and post-00s, with a clear trend of rejuvenation.

The track that gathers young people is attracting all kinds of "players" to enter. According to the data from Sky Eye, from 2016 to the present, the annual registration volume of craft beer-related enterprises has grown from more than 210 to more than 5,500. In addition, the craft beer industry is also constantly being favored by capital, with a total of 20 financing events occurring in the track so far in 2021.

Traditional beer giants are also actively "participating in the war", in recent years Snowflake, Qingdao, Yanjing, Pearl River and other major manufacturers have launched a variety of craft beer products, and as early as 2019 Carlsberg took a stake in Jing A craft beer, Budweiser also acquired boxing cats and other craft beer brands. Catering companies and retail platforms also crossed over to "debut". Not long ago, Dingdong Buyoy launched its first own craft beer brand, "1972 Farm", and the person in charge of Dingdong Buyoy told Beijing Evening News Food & Drink Weekly that the current average daily sales of "1972 Farm" is around 16,000 cans. Next, Dingdong will continue to launch new brands and products. Prior to that, Seabed, Boxing, Honey Snow Ice City, etc. have long crossed over to join the "war".


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